Welcome to Resources for A Peaceable City!

We hope this directory of services and programs will help all who live or work in Evanston to find the resources they need.

In 2014, members of The Evanston Alliance to End Violence, a strategic initiative of Peaceable Cities: Evanston, began discussing how often their clients need an array of services, not all of which they provide. Unless someone happened to know someone in an agency which might provide the needed service, there was no simple way of discovering who does what for whom.

Kevin Brown, City Director of Youth and Young Adult Services, brought to our attention a wonderful example of what seemed to be needed, The Sacramento Resource Directory. This work organize its table of contents by the problems users are trying to solve. We thought this an excellent idea and gratefully set out to do the same for Evanston’s many problem solvers.

A few things about this work:

  • Listings are based on the information we obtained from the agencies whose programs and services are included. This is a free listing. Being included in this publication does not constitute a recommendation from Peaceable Cities: Evanston or anyone connected with it.
  • Our scope was limited to services and programs that in some way effect violence prevention, intervention, or the restoration of offenders to their community. Other valuable community service information may be held in two places:
    • Evanston 311: For information about or connection to city services. Available in English and Spanish.
    • The Evanston Public Library website or by calling 847-448-8600.
  • For each listing in this directory we have done our best to describe the service, to spell out who is eligible to receive it, to report how much it costs, and to note if it is available in Spanish.

We hope our directory will help make Evanston a more peaceable city!